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Carbonated drink

Also called soda, pop, soda pop, fizzy drink, seltzer, mineral, lolly water or soft drink. With 219 billion liters consumed in 2012, 36% of the global market for soft drinks, the carbonated drinks have emerged as the second type of the most popular drink after water. 450 different types of sodas are sold in the United States.

Definition of a soft drink

Soft drinks , liqueurs often called in Quebec, are made ​​mostly of water drinks that contain carbon dioxide (CO2) directly from a mineral source, obtained by fermentation or added artificially.

Also referred to carbonated beverages. For
non-alcoholic beverages, the acronym is sometimes used CSD (carbonated soft drinks).

Examples: soda water, lemonade, soda, cola, root beer, ginger beer...

The global market for soft drinks

Soft drinks can be found almost everywhere in the world, but nowhere are they as prevalent as in the United States, where 450 different types are sold and more than 2.5 million ATMs distribute.

The United States hold the largest share of the soft drink industry. They represent a share of 46.4% in 2012, followed by Japan and Germany, with a share of 18.4% and 11.3%, respectively.

soft drink industry is expected to generate revenue 209 billion in 2014, according to a study MarketLine. This represents a market growth of 12% in five years, with a volume also rose 10% in the same period to exceed 197 billion liters.

Industry soft drinks involves the manufacture and sale of food and cola standard, fruit flavored soft drinks and mixers. The United States accounted for more than 54% of the global market.

Coca-Cola was the first company operating in the global market for soda, which represents more than 42% of the overall market.

The global
soft drinks market is facing difficulties due to spending cuts consumption caused by the economic downturn and a general decline in demand for soft drinks due to the declining popularity of these drinks.

With increasing consumer awareness regarding health issues, soft drinks are forced to compete with more healthy options on the market, such as fruits and vegetables.

Other factors affecting market growth include packaging, environment, generate innovation, flavor and changing lifestyles.

The leaders of the soft drink industry

Large companies operating in the global market for soda include PepsiCo , Coca-Cola , Red Bull and Dr Pepper Snapple.

Coca-Cola is a market leader with a share of more than 42% of the overall market. The company has around 140,000 employees worldwide and a portfolio of over 3500 products retail in over 200 countries.

Range of Coca-Cola beverages include nonalcoholic ready to drink like flavored waters, waters soft drinks and energy drinks. It also sells drinks such as tea, coffee, fruit juices, sports drinks, water, flavored water.

PepsiCo has 20 brands that generate revenue of more than $ 1 billion per year, including Pepsi Max.

24 other brands of the company generate between 250 million and one billion dollars per year. 100000 distribution channels PepsiCo serve 10 million points of sale regularly. The company has approximately 700 manufacturing plants worldwide.

Market Outlook soft drinks

The global market for soft drinks is becoming more competitive, forcing companies to differentiate through product innovation. Many soft drinks are declining in popularity because of their flavor, additive and sugar content.

To appeal to consumers concerned about their health, many soft drink companies will look to expand their product lines to include healthier versions or plan their drinks.

Companies can also highlight the reduction in the content sugar to their drinks and highlighting the benefits of their drinks in their marketing approach.

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