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Cocoa and chocolate in Africa

In Africa, the main cocoa producers are the Ivory Coast, the world's largest producer with 35% of world production; Ghana with 18%; Nigeria with 12%; the Cameroon with 4%; and Togo with 4%.

African chocolate market

Africa is rich in history and culture, including cocoa solids. It is a powder obtained from grinding the kernels of cocoa beans produced by cocoa.

Very frequently found in the history of African agriculture Tree In Africa, cocoa consumption has increased rapidly over the past decade and remains the region with the consumption of chocolate will be the strongest, with 35% of consumption.

Total developing countries. Cocoa trees an integral part of the lives of Africans does not mean that chocolate also has a prominent place.

Although the African continent weighs a third of the world's cocoa, it becomes little production.

It has nevertheless some plants that serve cocoa processors. Such companies are nine in number. Among other Saco transforms 41.4% of cocoa beans, with 22.5%.

Cemoi processing and Cargill Cocoa which transforms 17.4%.

Moreover, the consumption of chocolate in Africa is by far the lowest in the world, with 3% only global consumption.

Cocoa production in Africa

Cocoa, or Theobroma cacao, is a tree that grows in Africa. Tree, which are extracted seeds or cocoa beans, which allow subsequent production of cocoa and chocolate.

Most African cocoa are the variety of Forasteros, but we also find the trinitarios Cameroon. All these different crops of cocoa, made ​​Africa one of the largest producers of cocoa in the world. African cocoa beans used to make chocolates worldwide.

In Africa, the major producers of cocoa are: Ivory Coast, the world's largest producer with 35% of world production; Ghana with 18% (long first producer); Nigeria with 12%; the Cameroon with 4% (which is the main export crop); and Togo with 4%. In Côte d'Ivoire, cocoa is live about 2 million smallholder farmers.

In Africa, the yield was 500 kg per hectare, Asia and America, it is 800 kg / ha . In Africa, cocoa producing countries are Tanzania, Uganda, Madagascar, Equatorial Guinea and Sao Tome.

West Africa represents 70% of world cocoa production, but only 3% of consumption. Africa as a whole converts 14% of world production.

Generally, 65% of world cocoa production is exported, and the North consumes more than 80%.

African brands of cocoa and chocolate

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