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Cocoa and chocolate in Asia

Chinese consumes very little chocolate, 100 grams per year. Japanese eat 11 times, 44 times the Americans and the Germans 82 times.

The chocolate market in Asia

According to the American trade association NCA, it is 8.25% more beans that have been ground between July and September compared with the same period in 2012.

In Asia, the appetite is sharpened and the increase is 12.13% over the same period, according to the Cocoa Association of Asia.

The average Chinese still consumes very little chocolate. Unaccustomed to the sweetness and cocoa paste, it buys an average of 100 grams per year, the equivalent of two Snickers bars.

Comparatively, the Japanese eat 11 times more Americans 44 times and German 82 times, according to research published in November Euromonitor institute. Sales of consumer goods rose by an average of 17% per annum over the last five years in China.

In addition, the expected sales of chocolate, around 10% by 2015 acceleration seems modest.

The chocolate industry in Asia

In China, Mars Foods maintains its leading position in the chocolate market with 40% market share in 2013. The company makes constant efforts to improve brand awareness among consumers through advertising via television, posters and the Internet.

In Japan, Meiji Co Ltd remained a leading chocolate company in Japan in 2012 with 18% share market. Hong Kong , Ferrero Asia Ltd leads the chocolate sector with 32% market share in 2012. This is mainly due to the continued success of Ferrero Rocher.

In India, Cadbury India continues to enjoy his domination in chocolate and has a market share of 56%, followed by Nestlé to 22% in 2012. However, both companies have lost market share to the detriment of Mars and Ferrero India, gradually gaining ground.

In Indonesia, PT will continue to lead Ceres chocolate sales in 2012, recording more than 52% market share. Ceres markets several leading chocolate, Silver Queen, Silver Queen Chunky, Delfi and Van Houten, and Cha Cha and Chic-Choc, Fonnut brands...

In Korea, Lotte Confectionery is at the forefront of the chocolate sector with 31% market share in 2012. Its main brand, Ghana still shows the highest performance with 10% market share. The brand was the first high quality chocolate when it was first introduced in South Korea in 1975.

In Taiwan, Taiwan Ferrero continues to lead the chocolate industry in 2012 with 25% market share through brand Ferrero Rocher. The brand that enjoys great popularity among Taiwanese consumers is present in Taiwan for over 20 years.

In Thailand, Nestlé Ltd is the leading chocolate with 23% market share in 2012. Other brands such as Milo, Milky Bar Crunch and is also doing well in this category.

In Vietnam, Belcholat leads the chocolate sector, with 12% market share in 2012. Its wide range of products meets the needs of consumers for special occasions.

In Philippines, Jack and Jill Universal Robina Corp should continue to lead the sector chocolates, holding 15% market share. Low price positioning, strong branding and mass distribution keep the brand on top of the competition.

Asian brands of cocoa and chocolate

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