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Cocoa in Denmark

Denmark is among the leading producers of chocolate in the world. The three majors players in the chocolate in Denmark in 2012 are Toms Gruppen with 31% market share, Kraft Foods Danmark with 15% and 8% in March Danmark.

The chocolate market in Denmark

Health concerns of consumers, financial concerns due to the economic crisis and rising retail prices for foods including chocolate had a significant impact on the category in 2012.

Consequently, consumers reduce their consumption of chocolate and sales volume decreased although there was an increase in demand for high-end chocolate and novelty products.

Toms Gruppen leads in four of the seven categories of chocolate, its key brands being the premium price Anthon Berg and Toms Guld Barre and midrange.

This main brands are Kraft Foods Danmark Marabou mid-range and Marabou Premium.

The strength of Mars Danmark in these two categories are the key brands like M & M, Maltesers, Mars, Snickers, Bounty and Twix.

Danish chocolate consumption

A Danish consumes an average of 8.57 kg of chocolate per year.

Danish brands of chocolate and cocoa

From Anthon Berg to Galle & Jessen. 5 links