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Cocoa in Russia

5.9 kg of chocolate per capita, Russia is catching up with some of the most consuming countries in Europe, such as France (6.3 kg) and Germany (8.2 kg).

The chocolate market in Russia

Since the introduction of chocolate in their eating habits, the Russian have applied themselves to develop their market.

Indeed, Russia today has many chocolate, the best known are the companies Krasniy Octyabr, Konditersky Kontsern Babaevsky and Rot Front.

After the economic recession of 2009, the Russians have become more price sensitive. They pay more attention to the value of money and less prestige of the brand. However, trading down 2009 passes a slight tendency to Premium in 2011-2012.

Obiedinenye Konditery, a Russian holding together the leading manufacturers of chocolate confectionery, such as Krasny Oktyabr, Babaevsky Concern, Rot Front and other , remained a strong leader in the industry and should keep 19% market share in 2012.

Leader Alenka The brand has an active marketing support and developed in different categories of chocolate. The company develops many different brands in all categories of confectionery chocolate.

Russian chocolate consumption

In countries of the former Soviet Union, chocolate consumption is expected to increase 0.8% per year, from 65 000 tonnes to 71 000 tonnes in 2012.

Although an economically developed country, Russia is one of the few countries to know late craze for chocolate, like China.

Nevertheless Russia is a major producer and a major consumer of chocolate.

Russian brands of cocoa and chocolate

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