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Cocoa in Switzerland

The Swiss are the biggest consumers of chocolate in the world with 11.9 pounds of chocolate chewed on average per year per person, against 5.8 kilos for the Belgians and about 7 pounds for French,

The chocolate market in Switzerland

According to a press Chocosuisse, professional organization that brings together 18 Swiss chocolate manufacturers, including giant Barry Callebaut, Lindt & Sprüngli and Cailler, turnover in 2012 decreased by 3.4% and the volumes of -2 2% to 172,376 tonnes.

The share of imported chocolate has increased from 34% of total 35.9% of the total.

Switzerland exports its chocolate to 140 countries and Germany is its largest customer (18, 3% of exports), followed by the United Kingdom (13.8%), France (9.2%) and Canada (6.9%).

Switzerland recorded between 2005 and 2010 an increase of 5% volume of cocoa products (143,990 tonnes), while the Low Countries and France saw their production melt respectively 21.8% and 0.4% (to 186 880 tonnes and 402 335 tonnes).

In 2012, the Swiss chocolate industry has experienced a mixed year. While volumes decreased by 2.2% to 172,376 tonnes, revenues have shrunk to 1.63 billion francs (-3.4%).

Main reasons cited for the decline? The strong Swiss franc, which affected both the results on the domestic market and exports.

Last year, the share of imports of chocolate in Switzerland has risen to 35.9% against 34% in 2011, while consumption remained unchanged. As for volumes sold outside the borders, they fell 2.9%.

Swiss chocolate consumption

In total, the average consumption of chocolate in Switzerland per capita was 11.9 kg, an amount unchanged from 2011. This calculation takes into account the chocolate purchases by foreign tourists.

Swiss brands of chocolates and cocoa

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