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Coffee in Algeria

The Algerian remains one of the largest consumers of coffee in the Middle East and Africa, with an average of 13 grams of coffee per day, or about 4 kilos per year.

Algerian coffee market

Coffee, in Arabic qahwah, is a psychoactive beverage obtained from the seeds of the coffee plant, a shrub of the genus Coffea. Coffee culture is highly developed in many tropical countries in plantations which are grown for export markets.

Coffee is one of the main food of agricultural origin traded on international markets. Coffee is often presented as the second export commodity in the world after oil; However, this classification has been questioned by some scholars.

In Algeria, coffee grew volume 3% in 2012. A minor but constant increase resulting from the maturity of the Algerian coffee market.

LaBelle Group is the leading the coffee market in Algeria in 2012 and generated 14% share of value trade off. This national manufacturer is present in several categories of coffee, including freshly ground coffee standard.

In Algeria coffee is subject to several state taxes. 10% as domestic consumption tax (TIC), 17% VAT and 30% of tariffs.

Coffee consumption in Algeria

Algerian consumes on average 13 grams of coffee per day, or about 4 kilos per year.

Algerian coffees brands

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