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Coffee in Austria

Vienna discovered coffee, German Kaffee in 1683 by the Turks who left many bags containing the precious grains at the time of their retirement. Then arose the Viennese cafés, registered in the list of Intangible Cultural Heritage by UNESCO in 2011.

Viennese cafés

In 1683, when the Turks retreated after attempting to occupy Vienna, they left a few handfuls of dark brown grains from which they derived a deliciously bitter brew.

The Viennese invented fifty different ways to prepare coffee. Various designations refer mainly to the amount of cream or milk added to coffee. Ask a Verlängter for a looser coffee or an elongated with hot milk.

And if your coffee cup is topped with a crown of whipped cream, know that you have before you a Kapuziner a Franziskaner or Einspänner according size.

For all these various specialties passed down through the ages, the luxurious elegance of the premises and stylish service, the delicate characteristic mixture of Kaffeehaus stands firm against the invasion of the American chains.

The coffee market in Austria

Green coffee imports in 2009. 512,000 bags; Brazil, with 32%, followed by Vietnam with 21% Vietnam, Brazil, India, Colombia and Honduras represented to 71% of green coffee imports in 2009.

Processed coffee exports in 2009 reached some 399,000 bags (GBE) against imports of about 741,000 bags mainly from Germany and Italy.

Consumption per capita in 2009 was 6.375 kg.

Austrian coffee brands

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