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Coffee in Canada

Nine out of ten Canadians (88%) drink at least one cup of coffee per day, mostly swallow an average of 3 times per day. Coffee sales accounted for approximately 16% of total sales of soft drinks in Canada in 2008.

The Canadian coffee market

Gross imports in 2009 were 3.92 million bags of coffee. Re-exports amounted to 623,000 bags. More than 41% of gross imports all combined forms from the United States.

 's largest suppliers of green coffee in 2009 to Canada were British 29% Brazil 22%, the Guatemala and Peru 14% 5%.

Kraft Foods and Nestlé are the major roasters but national roasters see their market share grow. Instant coffee accounts for 12% of consumption.

Coffee consumption in Canada

Per capita consumption in 2009 was estimated in 5.9 kgs compared to 4.0 kg in 2003.

Canadian brands coffees

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