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Decaffeinated coffee

Decaffeination is before roasting, while the coffee is still green. Both methods, the chemical method and the pure water called natural method involve very different techniques which have the effect of extracting grain from 96 to 99% of its caffeine.

The decaffeinated coffee market

Decaffeinated coffee appeared in Europe but his first big contract was that of the United States in the 50's.

Consumption of decaffeinated coffee has remained relatively unchanged over the past ten years, although this situation is not as clear in the sense that in many countries new low caffeine content were introduced.

These products are not without caffeine but is a mixture of regular coffee and decaffeinated coffee, or mixtures of coffee with naturally low caffeine content.

These Products sold under the name light coffee.

Consumption of decaffeinated coffee

Global consumption of decaffeinated coffee is difficult to estimate since in many importing countries there is no separate data this type of coffee. Estimated, however the United States consumption of decaffeinated coffee has almost doubled in the last years to 15.9% in 2009.

For years consumption has remained stable at around 8% to 9% of sales of the most common coffee and 20% of sales of specialty coffee.

Brands of decaffeinated coffee

Virtually all coffee brands offer decaffeinated coffee.

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