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Coffee in France

Coffee has the benefit of the French, despite a shrinking market in the early 2000s. A marked recovery was observed in 2006-2007. The total average consumption by French reached 5.71 kg per year in 2010

The French coffee market

Net imports of green coffee in 2009. 4,121,000 bags; Brazil leads with 23%.

Brazil, Vietnam, Colombia, Honduras, Ethiopia and Indonesia represented to 57% of all imports . of green coffee in 2009. Estimated Parts: 51% Arabica, Robusta 25% and 24% unspecified.

Imports of roasted coffee reached 1,754,000 bags (EGV), 80% from the EU.

Coffee exports transformed (all forms) reached 893,000 bags, including 583,000 soluble coffee.

Kraft Foods and Sara Lee / DE account for 60% or more of roast and ground coffee volume. Nestlé market accounts for almost two thirds of the market soluble .

Coffee consumption in France

Coffee consumption by French in 2010 is estimated at 5.71 kg.

The French coffee brands

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