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Coffee in the UK

There are more than 40 years, the coffee market was minimal compared to tea in the UK. This change is due to the introduction of the soluble coffee. Instant coffee accounts for about 85% of market value, roasted and ground coffee up to 15%.

UK coffee market

Coffee has been slow to enter the UK market, mainly because tea. But soluble coffee, the preparation particularly resembles tea has found its consumer public.

Imports of green coffee in 2009. 2,074,000 bags; Vietnam leads with 22% Vietnam, the Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, represented to 75% of all green coffee imports in 2009.

Imports were 56% Arabica, 40% Robusta and 4% unspecified. However, a little less than 2.0 million additional bags of processed coffee EGV were also imported, of which 55% were soluble coffee.

Re-exports of processed coffee. Attainder 834,000 bags, 78% soluble coffee. Nestlé represents about 50% of the soluble coffee market, Kraft Foods just over 20%.

Coffee consumption in the UK

According to the ICO by the British in 2009 consumption is 3.14 kg.

British coffee brands

From Costa à Whittard to Chelsea. 4 links