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Coffee in Vietnam

Vietnam is the world's largest producer of robusta and Vietnamese coffee is present in forty countries. In 2012, the country has overtaken Brazil as the world's leading exporter. Vietnamese coffee consumption is estimated at over a kilo per year.

The coffee market in Vietnam

Among the brands of Vietnamese coffee, Bien Hoa Vinacafe and Trung Nguyen products are sold abroad. Domestic coffee market is dominated by three big names: Vinacafé first, then with Nestlé Nescafé brand, and Trung Nguyen with G7.

It is estimated that themselves, they represent 90% share of the instant coffee market in Vietnam. Other marks are the labels of instant coffee Highlands, Thu Ha, Mê Trang ...

Vietnam is the world's largest consumer of ground coffee. Many brands competing in the market, such as Trung Nguyen Highlands, Thu Ha, Mêhico, Da Vang, Huy Tùng, Mê Trang, ...

In recent years the country has experienced an explosion of coffee to go or takeaway coffee. Vietnamese brands like Trung Nguyen Highlands and Passio coexist with other international as The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf, Gloria Jean's Coffees, Starbucks.

Coffee production in Vietnam

The industry of coffee production dates from the period of French colonization. The French brought coffee plants in Vietnam in the 1800's, taking advantage of the climate favors to create large plantations.

Production has subsequently been disrupted during the war. Then Vietnam came back on the world market in the 1990's.

Accused flooding the market with robusta coffee and have driven down world prices, Vietnam turned to the production of arabica, better quality.

The Association of Vietnam Coffee and Cocoa (VICOFA) intends to replace robusta plantations in areas unsuitable for other crops and increase with the production of arabica, especially in the mountainous north.

Arabica currently represents 20,000 hectares estimated 500,000 hectares in coffee in Vietnam and 2% of the production. The government aims for 2010 production of 600,000 to 700,000 tons, of which 20-30% Arabica, considered very ambitious figures by experts.

Vietnamese coffee exports

Coffee is a major export commodity with a turnover of $ 2 billion in 2012 to the coffee bean. The coffee sector contributes 3% to the GDP of Vietnam.

The United States and Germany remain the primary customers of Vietnam, with respectively about 13% and 11% of national exports. Net growth is observed in Russia, the United Kingdom, Spain ...

Only 5% of the annual production is for domestic consumption, the remaining 95% being exported. In Vietnam, the processing industry has an important role in the export of coffee.

Vietnamese Coffee consumption

Since 2000, Vietnam's coffee consumption has increased on average by 13% per year to 1.6 million bags in 2012. The vast majority of this consumption is domestic production, the important Vietnam very little coffee.

The Vietnamese coffee consumption is more than 1 kg and increased by more than 10% per year.

Vietnamese coffees brands

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