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Fair cola Alter cola

Among the many has altercolas have developed, few are those that meet the criteria of fair trade.

Different fair colas

Meuh Cola is a soda made ​​of sugar cane fair trade and organic.

It is still possible to link the OpenCola, a cola OpenSource, these ethical claims. Unlike all other colas whose revenues are generally secret recipe for OpenCola is published under the GNU GPL license. So anyone can use or modify the recipe.

Manufacturer of Mecca Cola also ensures donate a portion of profits to humanitarian organizations working in Palestine especially in the Palestinian territories occupied by Israel.

Finally, we can also mention the Ehka (Euskal Herriko Alternatiboa Kola), a Basque cola, whose ingredients are fair trade.

Fair cola in France

In Normandy, has developed the Moo Cola , soda sugar compound of fair trade and organic cane from the Manduvira cooperative in Paraguay.

The company that produces it, Solibulles the claims as a soda integral in the overall understanding of its choice as to operate in the economy.

Fair colas brands

From Ehka Cola to Zam Zam cola. 10 links