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Energy Drink

Energy drink , not to be confused with an energy drink is a drink designed to give a boost of energy to the consumer, using a mixture of different stimulants ingredients. The energy drink sales reached a volume of 36.5 million liters for the year ended September 2013, up 13.4%, according to Nielsen.

Tax on energy drinks in France

Tax on energy drinks, called Red Bull tax came into force on 1 January 2014. Enacted December 24, 2013, this contribution is € 100 per hectolitre.

This increases the price of 25 centimes 25 cl cans of energy drinks.

Composition of energy drinks

Drinks often contain a wide variety of exciting organic compounds such as caffeine, vitamins of the B series, the taurine, maltodextrin, inositol, carnitine, or creatine glucuronolactone.

Few plants contribute to aromas and effects available, including the guarana, various forms of ginseng, and ginkgo biloba.

Energy drinks, sports and hypertonic have stimulant. For over a decade, they have appeared on the world market by offering consumers supposed virtues regenerative fatigue and exhaustion. They also would increase mental capacity and detoxify the body.

Beverages often contain a lot of sugar, the majority being watered from refined sugar. Many also have sugar substitutes.

The main active ingredient is caffeine, guarana extract after and found in coffee and tea. A medium size, around 250 ml depending on the region contains about 80 mg of caffeine, the same amount that coffee prepared by leaching.

Levels may rise up to 150 mg of caffeine, and even 300 mg, depending on the format and brand. 's largest consumers of these drinks are young, or people in a hurry. Nearly 65% of consumers aged 35 and under.

Energy drinks brands

From 28 Black to XO Energy’. 45 links