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Fruit juice in Algeria

In 2010, the annual consumption of fruit juice per capita is 10 liters in Algeria, Morocco against 4 liters and 8 in Tunisia. In total, the overall consumption of juice packaged is 336 million liters per year in Algeria, against 78 million in Tunisia and Libya 214.

The juice market in Algeria

In the category of fruit juice, found five families marketed in Algeria. It is pure juice obtained from fruit, pure juices concentrates obtained based fruit juice concentrates and juices dried fruits usually imported), and concentrated fruit juices and nectars.

In Algeria, the demand for juice is 6.7 liters per person per year in 2013, and estimated at 8.3 liters for 2014.

Either sales volume juice and fruit drinks of 2,331,000 of hectoliters and value of 7.918 billion dinars in 2011 to an average price of 33.97 dinars per liter.

For 2015, it expects global demand of 319.55 million liters of juice. Certainly, import including extracts and concentrates from some twenty countries is quite significant, as assessed by PABA to 1.403 billion dinars in 2010, including 42, 17% from Brazil.

However, the export of juice manufactured in Algeria grows, valued at 29.5 million dinars in 2010 to 6 countries, France remains the largest importer.

Algerian consumption of fruit juice

Consumption of fruit juice is 10 liters per capita in Algeria in 2010.

Consumption of fruit juices in Algeria is growing strongly, with growth of 9%. This consumption is quite diverse despite the confusion between water fruit drinks and juices flat as more emphasis liquid produced industrially in an innovative way and enjoying the health concerns of consumers, especially among urban dwellers and women.

Algerian brands of fruit juices

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