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Fruit juice in Belgium

7 out of 10 Belgians drink juice every week. 91% juice consumed in Belgium are made ​​from concentrates. Delhaize Group has maintained its leadership position with a market share of 10% in 2012. Coca-Cola Belgium is second with 8%.

Belgian consumption of fruit juice

80% of Belgians favor 100% juice squeezed fruit juice from concentrate, while 91% fruit juice sold in Belgium are made ​​from an elongated water concentrate.

According to a survey Belgians have on the composition and production process fruit juice only very vague notions. Once informed about the various production processes to obtain a 100% juice squeezed fruit or juice from concentrate, 80% of Belgians favor 100% juice squeezed fruit at the expense of juice made ​​from concentrate.

Tropicana desired anticipate this trend by launching from February 4, 2013 a campaign highlighting the difference between 100% juice squeezed fruit and juice made ​​from concentrate.

Objective of this campaign is to teach Belgians better the difference between fruit juice offered by their supermarket and encourage them to make wiser and more conscious choice, based on the composition and method of manufacture.

The juice market in Belgium

The private label products have played an important role in fruit juices in 2012. A lower purchasing power due to the fragile economic climate has led consumers to move away from branded products seeking to save money.

The private label products offer good value for money, and consumers Belgian see no reason to buy a branded product at a price higher detail.

Moreover, improving the quality of private label products meet the expectations of Belgian consumers. As a result, the market for fruit juices and vegetables increased in terms of volume and value in Belgium in 2012.

Competitive landscape juice remains fragmented in Belgium. Despite the presence of multinational companies such as Coca-Cola and Tropicana Looza Benelux, the private label products have the largest share by volume, not for sale.

Delhaize Group maintained its leading position with a market share of 10% 2012. Coca-Cola Belgium is second with 8%.

Belgian brands of fruit juice

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