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Fruit juice in Italy

UK. proved the juice most active fruit of the Western European market, combining alone 17% of new products in this category launched in the region, followed by Germany (16%), as well as France (14%), Italy (10%) and Spain (9%).

Italian consumption of fruit juice

Consumption of fruit juice per capita remains low in Italy and continues to face strong competition from consumption of fresh fruit that is deeply rooted.

Moreover, unlike other markets, the consumption of fruit juice at breakfast Breakfast is not part of the Italian culture.

Nectars are strongly favored over juice. The category is increasingly diverse, offering a wide range of flavors, sizes and products with functional benefits to satisfy a wider target group and different consumption occasions. Traditional Italian flavors like pear, peach and apricot continue to grow and remain a high-growth sector of the market.

Interest in smoothies seems to be in decline, partly due to the loss of news, but also high prices.

The juice market in Italy

The economic downturn has been a major obstacle to the growth of fruit juices and vegetables, with sales down 4% of total volume in 2012. Though the juice sector has been supported by new launches in 2011 and 2012, it was not sufficient to ensure positive rates.

Accordingly, all soft drink sales were negatively affected, as the fruit juice which represents the third category on the Italian market for soft drinks.

Market fruit juice is highly polarized in Italy, the top three players representing less 40% of the total sales.

Conserve Italia is the leader with a market share of 16% in 2012. The company has a long-standing presence in the market.

Conserve Italia is followed by another Italian company, which represents a market share of 14% of the total volume, and Parmalat , with a share of 9%.

Italian brands of fruit juices

From Antico Eremo to Zipperle. 7 links