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Fruit juice in Norway

Consumption of fruit juice per capita is among the highest in the European Union, for Norwegians who show an increasing propensity for healthy and natural products. In 2012, Fellesjuice the company production and distribution of dairy juice Norwegian Tine, leads with 37% market share.

The juice market in Norway

The development of new products in 2012 focused on brands health and well-being. For example, marketing campaigns highlight the natural and healthy juice 100% benefits, enhanced with new exotic flavors, organic ingredients or ethical standards, such as fair trade.

In 2012, Fellesjuice, the production company and distribution of dairy juice Norwegian Tine, leads with 37% market share. Although the company is only present in one of the categories, the 100% juice.

Fellesjuice leads the fruit juice industry in Norway for more than 10 years. Mainly due to innovative product launches continuous and healthy image associated with a strong name and an established brand.

Norwegian consumption of fruit juice

Nectars play a minor role and the decline, with sales now almost half the level they were in 2003, changing consumer perception for healthier beverage options.

Certain categories have particularly contributed to the growth, such as 100% juice with an increase in value of 7%, excluding trade.

It is perceived as healthier and more natural for Norwegian consumers at the expense of fruit juice beverages (juice up to 24%) and Nectars juice (25%).

Norwegian brands of fruit juices

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