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Fruit juice in Spain

The UK has proved the most active market in Europe, combining alone 17% of new products in this category launched in the region, closely followed by Germany (16%), as well as France (14%), Italy (10%) and Spain (9%).

Spanish consumption of fruit juice

In 2012, the performance of fruit juice was strongly influenced by the worsening economic crisis, which has continued to crop income means Spanish households.

This has led many people to adopt habits of austerity their lives from day to day. In this context, consumers abandon non-essential products, such as fruit or vegetables.

With no prospect of recovery in the short and medium term for the Spanish economy, it is expected that the sale of juice fruit will continue to be strongly influenced by the changing buying habits of consumers.

The juice market in Spain

In response, manufacturers have proposed promotion strategies, led by the leader brand, J García Carrión , and private label Mercadona, although the rising cost of fruits prevents further price declines.

Leader in Fruit juice in Spain in 2012 remains J García Carrión, who recorded a market share of 14%. The company occupies the second position in the overall standings, behind private label Mercadona.

Spanish brands of fruit juices

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