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The European Union remains the largest market for the consumption of juices and nectars , with a total consumption of 113 million hectoliters in total according to figures from 2009. It precedes North America with 95 million hectoliters and Asia Pacific with nearly 80 million hectoliters

Resolution of a fruit juice

The market for fruit juice has a variety of fruit juices. Juice, pure juice from concentrate, nectars. What differentiates these 3 categories of product, quantity, type of juice that they contain and the treatments. Dyes and preservatives are allowed in juices and nectars.

Consumption of fruit juice is elastic in relation to the purchasing power of the most affluent consumers generally consume more fruit juice at the expense of soft drinks. Consumption evolves secondly with the purchasing power in the sense: fruit drinks, nectars, reconstituted juice, 100% juice.

The most developed countries therefore tend to consume more juice packaged natural (pure juice) or reconstituted , that the developing countries, or soft fruit and other low-fruit beverages predominate, for obvious reasons prices more accessible to the less fortunate households products.

The juice market

The growth of the global market fruit juice is robust and demonstrates dynamic growth over the long term. Periods of economic crisis have only a moderate impact on the consumer, while in periods of economic growth, its market progresses.

This increase, amounted to 5% between 2009 and 2010, is expected to the same rate of growth until 2015.

The market for fruit juice is in competition with other markets such as beverages, bottled water, herbal drinks, energy drinks and sports drinks. Demand for juices and juice fruits, in particular, continues to increase mainly due to consumer awareness of the health benefits of a balanced diet.

World production of orange juice

Orange juice is the juice consumed in the world. Brazil currently produces 54% of the total and 30% California 84% between them, based on figures from the year 2010.

The main difference lies in the fact that Brazil export 99% of its production while 90 % of production in Florida are consumed in the U.S and only 10% are exported.

The Mediterranean basin is the second largest production area of orange juice, especially with Spain, Italy, Turkey, Egypt, Morocco and Israel.

World Day juice

World Day juice (WJD) is a global initiative launched by the International Federation of Fruit Juice Producers (IFU) to increase consumer awareness of the benefits of consumption of 100% fruit juice. The WJD logo reflects the colors of various juices, shaped like a fruit that comes from the planet.

World Day juice, coinciding with the change of seasons (the planned date is May 30 of each year) and is organized in partnership with national and local authorities, associations of fruit juice and fruit juice processors various activities such as the promotion of 100% fruit juice in school canteens, distribution of free samples of juice fruit and implementation of attractions and shows.

Fruit juices brands

African fruit juice brands

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American fruit juice brands

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Canadian fruit juice brands

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Chinese fruit juice brands

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European fruit juice brands

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