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Tea and infusion

Herbal tea is a drink with some healing properties obtained by maceration, decoction or infusion of fresh or dried leaves, stems, roots, flowers, in hot or cold water. The term is used for all herbal preparations as well as tea, except for coffee.

Origins and benefits of plants

If some plants have ancient origins, Asia Minor, South America ... Their production is now often structured, giving rise, in some regions, a dynamic industry quality.

Maghreb countries, Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria and Egypt are among the largest exporters of medicinal plants. Continuing ancestral traditions, China, Germany and India are also part of these highly exporting countries.

Other producing countries are Japan, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Turkey, Iran, Argentina, Malawi, Taiwan, Georgia, Mozambique. Note, increasing the production of organic tea in India, still up is exported mainly to France, Germany, Japan, the United Kingdom and the United USA.

Methods of preparing the tea

Different preparation methods all designed to extract active ingredients from plants.

The maceration is to soak the plant material in cold water for several hours. Thus flavor water with mint, lemon balm, etc.

The infusion is to pour hot water on the plant material and then let it soak for a few minutes. Eg infusion verbena, lime, anise, sage, etc.

The decoction is to throw the plant material in water, bring it to a boil for a few minutes, and then eventually to cool. For example : Decoction cherry stems, horsetail, oats, etc.

Most of these plants are commercially available in bulk or in bags ready to infuse. Certain types of tea are obtained by mixing green tea or black and other plants such as tea Earl Grey, tea mix and a Bark bergamot.

Teas and infusions brands

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