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The chocolate and cocoa Chocolate brands

In 1828, Amsterdam, the Dutch chemist Conrad Van Houten created a method to make the chocolate more digestible and soluble, creating chocolate powder .

The manufacture of cocoa powder

Cocoa powder is obtained after the roasting and grinding of the kernel of the fEves fermented cocoa produced by cacao. This also allows to extract the so-called fat cocoa butter.

Is subjected to a liquid cocoa operation called solubilization to extract cocoa butter.

To degrease cocoa paste , it warms to a temperature of 100-110 degrees, then it is subject to a long and powerful pressure on hydraulic presses.

Cocoa butter is flowing filtered, cooled and then ready for use.

Remains a meal, to be entitled to the appellation cocoa powder must contain at least 20% fat.

At the end of presses, crushers meal pass through sawtooth then mills that pulverize. The powder is then cooled and sieved.

The powder will be processed, it must give the property to dissolve easily in water or milk.

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