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The Syrup Syrups brands

The syrup is a thick, viscous liquid obtained by dissolving a significant amount of sugar in water.

Fruit syrups from fruit juice extracts and concentrated by heating to give a thick and rich in carbohydrate syrup.

Sector syrup France

Sector syrups France produces over 160 million liters annually including for export. This production is the result of a dozen companies.

Consumption syrups reached 96.9 million liters in volume, in 2010, a weight value of 245 million euros (an increase by 7.3% and 10.3%).

Although the market is still dominated by private labels (53.4% ​​in value), innovative products, marketed under trademark, helped the growth of this market segment.

Syrups, offering new flavors and presented in individual doses have accelerated the development of this niche representing 4.6% of turnover in the sector.

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