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The tea Tea brands

Tea is a stimulating drink containing caffeine, a substance once called caffeine before it was correctly identified. The drink is obtained by infusion of the leaves of tea plant, previously dried and usually oxidised. There are four main types of tea, black tea, green tea, oolong and white tea.

Different types of teas

There are four main types of tea, black tea, green tea, oolong and white tea. Difference between black and white red green tea, is the degree of fermentation. Unfermented tea is green tea. More fermentation progresses, the tea becomes black with compositional changes.

Green Tea
Green tea is unfermented tea. Preparation prevents the start of fermentation. The leaves undergo three steps: roasting, rolling and drying. Green tea is very popular in China and Japan. It is appreciated, especially for its richness in antioxidants. Among the wide variety of green teas, there are Japanese Sencha tea, Gunpowder and used for the production of green tea with mint.

White Tea
White teas are rare and are only harvested once a year. These teas are made ​​exclusively from the first bud and the top sheet of the new tea. The leaves are withered and dried. White tea gets its name from white light fuzz covering the first bud. These teas have a pale color and are light and delicate taste White teas are a specialty of the Chinese region of Fujian.

Oolong Tea
Oolong teas are teas whose fermentation was interrupted during the process. With this semi-fermented, Oolong tea is an intermediary between black tea and green tea. There are many varieties of Oolong, ranging from a very light and airy to dark coppery teas and tea. The Oolong are a specialty of Fujian in China and Taiwan.

Black tea
Black tea is a tea whose leaves have undergone all stages of tea processing and in particular the fermentation step which gives it its dark colour. Legend has it that in the seventeenth century, a shipment of green tea from China would arrive in London after a very long journey. During navigation, the funds would musty, green, tea they contained would become black.

Red tea
Red tea is actually a black tea from a region called China Yunnan. Not to be confused with the western red tea which is actually an infusion of the bark of a tree of South Africa, Rooibos. Chinese name red teas that Westerners call black teas.

Yellow tea
Yellow tea is named after the color of its infusion, with golden reflections. It could also take its name from the past, the best teas were reserved for the Emperor, whose symbolic colour was yellow. It is a tea whose production is extremely limited and the quality is exceptional.

Pu Erh Tea
Pu Erh teas are very popular dark teas in China. From the region of Xishuangbanna in Yunnan Province of China, they are manufactured from a variety of broad leaf tea is harvested throughout the year. From this collection, we produced two types of tea: green tea compressed, which naturally ages over the years, and Pu Erh black, loose or compressed, whose aging is caused.

Rooibos Tea
Rooibos tea is considered the national drink of South Africa. Rooibos bush is a plant that belongs to the legume family. It is grown in the Cedarberg region, 200 km north of Cape Town.

Smoked Tea
Smoked teas are black teas. To make a smoked tea, it always does the same: after rolling the leaves are lightly toasted on a hot iron plate, then placed on racks bamboo over a fire of spruce roots. Smoked teas remain a specialty of Fujian and like many teas in this region, they are also prepared to Taiwan.

The flavored tea

Once the tea leaves prepared additives can be used to flavor tea before brewing. This can be flowers (jasmine, rose), species (bergamot, lemon) or even spices (ginger, cardamom, cinnamon ., black pepper, cloves, nutmeg) scented or flavored teas can be produced from any type of tea. Green, white, black or even post-fermented in the West, most often, these flavors are added to a black tea.

Some famous flavored teas :

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