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Milk in Cameroon

Cameroon, milk consumption is about 20 liters per capita per year. Cameroon produces about 170,000 tonnes of milk per year.

Cameroon milk production

Cameroon produces about 170,000 tonnes of milk per year, far from the national demand is 300,000 t. Due to the shortage of 20 billion CFA francs are spent annually to import milk.

Paradox is that Cameroon has enormous potential that can cover domestic needs and even export to other countries in the Central region Africa.

In Cameroon, cows produce only one or two liters of milk per day, 150 days a year. In special cases of environments, cows produce up to five liters of milk per day.

Production level gives each inhabitant of Cameroon only 8 kg of milk per year, instead of the world standard of 45 kg per capita.

Cameroon's milk production is currently estimated at 174 000 tonnes. The total demand of the country capped at 260,000 tonnes in 2015 or 310 000 tonnes in 2025.

The milk market in Cameroon

With modernity, many small and medium enterprises have emerged and have specialized in the processing of milk.

Ranges presented on the market offer different tastes. They are sold in bags, jars and plastic bottles.

Local demand, increasingly strong, has raised sales activities similar to ordinary pubs or bars in dairy kossamerie. This milk is to grant everyone and prices vary according to quantities and qualities.

Friesland Coberco Dairy milk sales leads in Cameroon, with 25% market share. Nestlé ranks second.

Cameroonian milk brands

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