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Milk in France

France is Europe's second largest milk producer after Germany. 700 processing plants employ 57,000 people. Converted 99% of the French territory milk comes from France. In 2011, the annual milk consumption was 55 liters per capita.

The French milk market

The milk sector shows a turnover of € 23.4 billion in 2010, ranking it the second largest agro-food industries, just after the meat.

The 23.9 billion liters of milk collected in 2011 are used to make:

Milk production in France

In 2010, the country has 3.7 million dairy cows spread over 75,766 farms, with an average annual production of about 280 000 liters.

With 49 cows on average, many are families farms where the animals graze in broad meadows .

The number of dairy farms has declined steadily over the past decade to make way for a better performance beast. In 2010, each cow produced 6400 liters of milk per year, against 5700 liters in 2000.

Organic milk in France

From 1999 to 2002, the production of organic milk increased rapidly: the collection has almost quadrupled in four years.

Given the difficulty in finding opportunities, the collection marked a halt in 2002.

Rebooted in 2006, growth production has continued since. Beginning in 2010, the collection of organic cow milk brand acceleration.

In 2012, it reached 451.3 million liters, an increase of 25.9% compared to 2011. Collection and bio represents 1.4% of the national milk collection.

The four majors production areas together 58% of organic dairy farmers, 65% of cattle and 67% of the collection of organic milk: Pays de la Loire (24% volume), Britain (22%), Franche Comté (11%) and Lower Normandy (11%).

In 2012, the production of organic milk was carried out by more than 2,000 farmers. In addition, 320 are conversion and will be collected in bio in next 2 years.

The actors of French dairy market

Craft units coexist with industry groups, positioned among the world leaders. These structures form a cooperative or private. Can be distinguished :

The French milk brands

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