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Milk in Norway

In 2010, Norway's annual milk consumption was 92 liters per capita. Tine SA remains the main supplier Norwegian dairy drink with 77% market share in retail sales despite competition from its main rival, Q-Meieriene AS.

Norwegian dairy

Norway has a farmers' cooperative, Tine, who is responsible for the regulation of the dairy market. Tine distributes 95% and 80% transform of milk produced in Norway.

Even if it is the government that sets out the measures that apply to the system of market regulation, Tine is the cooperative that is responsible for the implementation of necessary actions.

Visits were made ​​to note the cleanliness of animals, managing manure, livestock management and environmental farm.

Farms had an average of 39 Norwegian Red cows producing 6,616 kg of milk: 30% of herds were stall and 70% in free stall.

Most own herds had an average milk 6933 kg, compared to 6,300 kg for cattle sales.

According to the distribution of scores for cleanliness, the cows had higher heifers result of cleanliness and heifers were cleaner than steers.

Milk consumption in Norway

In 2010, milk consumption was 92 liters per capita in Norway.

Norwegian milk brands

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