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Milk in Senegal

Production dairy Senegal, in 2011 estimated 324 million liters, is very low and can not meet national needs for dairy products. The demand for milk and dairy products is covered only up to 30% domestic supply.

Milk production in Senegal

Senegalese milk production remains very low. It is estimated in 2011 to 324,000,000 liters and can not meet national needs for dairy products.

Demand for milk and dairy products is covered only up to 30% domestic supply.

Senegal remains the largest importer of milk in the WAEMU countries, followed by Côte d'Ivoire.

In direct competition with the products of mini-dairies are the pasteurized milk, curd and concentrated trademarks Bridel, President, Vitalait, Roilait, Best milk, Jet, Ardo and Udder Jabot, made ​​from imported milk powder.

However, competitive prices and quality of dairy products enable local family farming gradually take market share.

Senegal is Since the 1970's, a major importer of dairy products. In 2000-2002, imports, mainly powder, amounted to 240 000 tonnes of milk equivalent, while domestic production was estimated at 127 000 tonnes.

Today, the gap is gradually reduced: domestic production established in 2010 to 181,000 tonnes against 253,000 for imports. The result of a country's desire to reduce its dependence on food and develop local industries.

The milk market in Senegal

La Laiterie du Berger is a Senegalese company, established in 2005, in order to contribute to improving the situation of Fulani herders valuing milk from their herds.

Headquartered in Richard Toll, in the north of the country, manufactures and distributes products quality fresh milk from milk it collects locally, sold mainly in the big Dakar.

Single Outlet these breeders, Laiterie du Berger promotes local agricultural production and strengthen the economic fabric in rural areas. It also contributes to greater food security in Senegal which depends more than 90% of imports of milk powder.

Laiterie du Berger and provides a fixed income just 850 herder families and encourages them to improve productivity their herds and milk quality.

Through a dynamic commercial policy under the brand Dolima , Laiterie du Berger today represents 13% of the market for fresh dairy products and is the third player in Senegal. Dairy directly employs 139 people.

Focusing on the quality of fresh products made ​​from milk collection, she has developed a pioneer dairy sector in West Africa and has become a reference for the sub-region.

Senegalese milk brands

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