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Milk in Tunisia

Hleeb is the Arabic word for milk. In Tunisia, the annual consumption of milk has reached is 110 liters per person in 2012. The dairy sector contributes 11% to the total value of agricultural production in Tunisia.

Tunisian dairy

Tunisians consumes an average of one hundred liters of milk per person per year, nearly a quarter of a liter per day.

Dairy sector contributes 11% to the total value of agricultural production in Tunisia and height of 7 % of the value of the food industry.

Due to the growing demand for dairy products, since the 90's the government has encouraged investment in dairy farming. As a result of this policy, Tunisia has achieved self-sufficiency in milk since 1999.

Despite what disturbance known dairy sector, a change of 8% has been displayed at the production. The progression in the dairy sector is due to the increase in the dairy herd and the importation of cattle breeds ensuring a high yield.

The Tunisian dairy sector has nearly 43 processing plants with a capacity of processing over 3 million liters per day, in addition to a network of small-scale processing units.

Currently, nearly 225 collection centers are active. The milk represents more than 59% of milk and dairy product plants will supply up to 85% of fresh milk collection centers close. The third of the production does not pass through the organized tours.

The milk market in Tunisia

Consumption of milk and milk products has evolved in response to changes in eating habits, improved purchasing power and the development of production.

It increased from 83 liters per capita in 1994 to 110 liters in 2011.

In Tunisia, the annual consumption of flavored milk has reached 0.6 liters per person in 2012 and the segment now represents 2% of the market for liquid dairy products.

Tunisian milk brands

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