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The mocktail, cocktail free alcohol

When you think of cocktails, we immediately think of the Mojito, Pina Colada, Bloody Mary, Margarita or Caipirinha. Now all these are achievable cocktails without alcohol. Rich in vitamins, mocktails are trendy now.

Definition of mocktail, cocktail without alcohol

Mocktails become fashionable. Registered as syrups mimic the taste of tequila, rum, with 0% alcohol. Or even the taste of the cocktail itself as the Pina Colada, Mojito or the Daiquiri for Teisseire.

These amazing syrups are a great help when you want to prepare the non-alcoholic version of the mojito or margarita.

Increasingly popular juice vegetables has become a mocktail because of all the possible combinations. In California and other regions of North America, vegetable cocktails have become a fad cocktails vegetables offer a variety of tastes, from the softest to the complex, adapting to the preferences of all.

According consumers vegetables used, you can create a variety of flavors: thick celery juice or cucumber bring originality to cocktails but are not suitable for everyone. However, carrots or beets make sugary drinks while radishes make spicy.

Preparing a free alcohol cocktail

To properly perform this type of appetizer, appetizers should be preferred flavors like: juice citrus fruits: citrus juice or cranberry, tonic flavors such as Schweppes or Canada Dry, fruity flavors such as lychee or original red fruits.

To make a cocktail without alcohol, then just embellish this drink with original syrups, spices such as cinnamon, ginger and vanilla, citrus zest fresh herbs like mint or basil.

Moreover, about half of mocktails, the use of fruit may be beneficial to health through nutrients and vitamins.

For a cocktail without alcohol presentation is paramount. We must give appetizing colors, serve in beautiful decorated with fresh fruit cups or mini skewers, fresh strawberries or citrus zest. Or frosting glass with sugar, cocoa, salt.


Behind this word very popular in the USA, lies a new trend: the mocktails. Despite its resemblance to the cocktail, the mocktail is a non-alcoholic drink. '

The mocktail can include various ingredients: water, syrup, fruit juice or soft drinks. This clever concoction enables guests to propose an alternative to cocktail.

Mocktails brands

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