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The smoothie

A smoothie is a mixture of fruit juice and mixed fruit. The fruits are crushed in a blender and thus keep their pulp. By mixing fruit juice, new flavors are created with a texture halfway between puree and juice. The combinations are endless.

Definition of smoothie

A smoothie is a type of drink made from fresh and natural ingredients such as fruits and mixed vegetables, sometimes mixed with fruit juice, usually with crushed ice or frozen yogurt.

The French term hit emphasizes the freshness of the product so that the word smoothie emphasizes smoothness. Commercially, the products defined by the name smoothies drinks mixed fruit and fruit juices, milk, yogurt or added .

Most commercial smoothies are pasteurized instantly, keeps the best vitamins and fruit flavors. Without the juice, would hit a wave or mashed fruit pap. This composition ensure a concentrate of vitamins without calorie explosion.

When they are done at home, can be added to other leisure flavors such as chocolate, soy milk or green tea. Smoothie has a creamy and smooth consistency, similar to that of milkshake, but differs from the latter in that it does not generally contain ice cream or milk.

Smoothies brands

From Copella to Zumo. 16 links