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Soda in Algeria

Algerians are large consumers of juices and soft drinks . 2.3 billion liters were sold across the country in 2012. This amounts to 66 liters per capita a year. A figure that reflects a rising growth of this market in Algeria

Market soda Algeria

Algerians spent 104.8 billion dinars in fruit juices and soft drinks in 2012. This money was used to purchase 2,391,000,000 liters. Which, for a population of 35.98 million people, equivalent to 66 liters per capita a year.

Figures 2012 show that the number of bottles sold increased compared to previous years. 1.78 billion liters were purchased in 2010 and 1.91 billion in 2011.

Competition is very strong. The market is still dominated by twenty companies that share 99% of the market. Found particularly fruital Coca-Cola, Pepsi and Algerian groups such as Hamoud Boualem and IFRI .

Soda consumption in Algeria

Growth in the consumption of soft drinks and juices should continue until at least 2016, according to estimates by Euromonitor.

In Algeria, there is no consumption of drinks is impressive, there is also production. The soft drink industry and juice is indeed vast as 695 companies and nearly 300 brands that compose it. (Study of the PABA).

Algerian brands of soda