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Soda in Belgium

In Belgium, the consumption is 108 liters per person per year in 2011. A good performance for carbonated soft drinks in Belgium whose sales increased in volume and value terms in 2012. Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium SPRL has remained the leader in 2012.

Soda market in Belgium

Despite the unstable economic climate in Belgium, soft drinks still enjoyed a growing consumer demand. This is explained by health problems among consumers, resulting in a wider range of healthier choices, such as reducing sugar soft drinks.

Moreover, the price realization has led consumers to change their buying habits away from branded products, favoring private label products in the basic categories such as bottled water, fruit juices and vegetable juices.

Popularity of sports drinks and energy also contributed the dynamic performance of soft drinks in Belgium in 2012.

This led brand owners adjusting their product offerings to consumer expectations by becoming more selective in their choice of raw materials and increasing the composition of their packaging including light packaging formats such as bottles PET.

In Belgium, multinationals have a strong presence in soft drinks. Coca-Cola Enterprises Belgium SPRL has remained the leader in 2012.

Soda consumption in Belgium

Belgian consumers have become more price sensitive and have turned to private label products. The latter saw the improvement of quality and become more attractive in terms of price retail.

Consequently, consumers tend to look for good value products such as fruit juices / vegetables. Dominance of supermarkets in the retail landscape.

Moreover, environmental concerns have remained a growth engine for soft drinks. Consumers have shown an increased risk for products with the lowest environmental impact interest.

Belgian brands of soda

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