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Soda in Europe

The average European consumer drinks about 96 liters of soda per year against 20 liters of juice and fruit nectar drinks. 3 major players are Coca-Cola, with a share of 21.5% of the market, followed by PepsiCo (7.9%) and Nestlé (4.8%).

Soda Market in Europe

More than 784 companies are involved in the manufacture of soft drinks and juice products throughout Europe, with 10 companies providing 49.6% of the market.

3 major players are Coca-Cola, with a share of 21.5 % market share, followed by PepsiCo (7.9%) and Nestlé (4.8%).

Sector of soft drinks is an important factor in the growth of the European economy by providing jobs, tax contributions and value added throughout the supply chain.

For example, a recent study estimated that the Coca-Cola produces approximately € 30 billion in value to the European economy and generates 600,000 jobs.

In Europe, industry soft drinks offer quality products that people like and offers a wide variety of drinks, including sugar free and reduced sugar content, which now account for about 30% of the market in many European markets.

A European giant bottling

A European giant bottling will be born of the merger between Refresco and Gerber Emig.

Shareholders of Dutch society Refresco and Gerber Emig announce the merger between the two companies, it follows the green light of the October 4 European Competition Commission.

Refresco in brief :

This Dutch actor has factories in the Netherlands, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Poland, Spain and the United Kingdom. It produces and bottles soft under labels and subcontracts for drinks brand owners. 's range of drinks Refresco includes non-carbonated soft drinks, fruit juices and vegetables, fruit drinks, sports drinks, carbonated and non-carbonated mineral water, ready to drink teas and energy drinks. Refresco also owns the brand drinks for children "Wicky".

Gerber Emig in brief :

This British company has production units in the UK, Germany, France and Poland. Its products are marketed under the brand Gerber Emig.

As Refresco, gerber produced and bottled non-carbonated soft drinks and private label brands. Including fruit juices, non-carbonated drinks, flavored waters and ready to drink teas. Activities Gerner Emig also relate to a lesser extent, production and sale of juices and drinks under its own brand.

Some figures on soft drinks in Europe

The European market for soft drinks is 56 billion liters per year in a total market of soft 123 billion liters per year drinks.

There are over 1071 plants of soft drinks across Europe, employing 166,000 people directly and over 800,000 indirectly stimulate the local economy.

The United varieties low in sugar now make up 30% of total soft drink sales in many European markets.

Soft drinks are an essential part of the daily diet of everyone because they are refreshing and help maintain hydration levels.

Water makes up about 90% of a carbonated beverage sweetened, still benefit in poor calorie versions.

Soft drinks account for less than 3% of calories in the average daily diet in Europe.

Member UNESDA pledged in 2006 not to advertise to children under 12 on television, in print or online. In 2010, they extended this commitment to cover all forms of new digital media, including social media and their own websites.

Members UNESDA pledged in 2006 not to offer their products for sale in primary schools across the EU.

The European soft drink industry was the first to adopt the nutrition labeling on all of its products in 2007.

The soft drink industry is very innovative, 40% of the products on sale have been introduced over the last five years.

A regular soft drink in a box of 330 ml contains about 139 calories.

A box of 33 ml of a regular soft drink contains about 35 grams of sugar, or about the same as a glass of orange juice equivalent.

European soda brands

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Swiss soda brands

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