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Soda in Italy

The soft drinks market is highly concentrated in Italy. The top five companies representing more than half of total sales in terms of volume. These producers are Acqua Minerale San Benedetto, San Pellegrino, Coca-Cola, and international COGEDI Ferrarelle.

Soda market in Italy

The Italian market for non-alcoholic beverages recorded a compound annual growth rate of 0.5% between 2008 and 2012.

Consumption volume decreased by 0.2% between 2008 and 2012, to reach a total of 3,217.6 million liters in 2012.

Market of Italian soft drinks market has increased in value but decreased in volume in recent years. This is expected to continue until 2017.

Canal large distribution continues to be the main source of income for manufacturers, supermarkets continue to dominate sales in 2012 and second most important channel was hypermarkets, followed by discounters, small food retailers and convenience stores.

However, all major food retailers tend to increase market share in 2012, while smaller businesses such as convenience stores and small grocery retailers have lost market share in 2012.

The chinotto

The chinotto is a non-alcoholic beverage produced with fruit from chinotto, a small bitter citrus fruit produced by a tree native to China, sour orange and extracts of herbs similar to those found in the Kinnie produced in Malta.

His appearance is similar to Coca-Cola. One of its unique attributes is its taste, both bitter and sweet. It is usually drunk before meals to these appetite stimulant.

Its bittersweet taste is sometimes described as similar to Campari. It is consumed mainly in Italy and Malta.

San Pellegrino recently began mass production and exports to other countries drink under the brand Chino, and The Coca-Cola Company, which produces its chinotto under the name Fanta Chinotto.

The Spuma

The Spuma is probably the most famous Italian sodas. This lemonade is served in all the bars, often under pressure.

The beverage is a carbonated beverage carbonated water, sugar, caramel and varying amounts of various herbs, such as lemon juice, the infusion of orange peel, rhubarb, vanilla and spices.) is a generic term.

Spuma Nera is considered the mamma of chinotto.

Italian brands of soda

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