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Sport drink

A sport or diet drink effort is a drink created for athletes. It provides energy in the form of sugars and rapid assimilation of sugars slow digestion of vitamins and minerals.

Use of sport drinks

Several products help supply the body with glucose which called the effort.

Beverage energy drink is to book with intense and prolonged activities (hiking, skiing, tournaments or matches merging in the day for example) or in the absence of the meal with carbohydrates recommended before competitions slow.

You can make your home energy drink with half fruits juice or other multi fruits except citrus, half water and a pinch of baking.

Different sport drinks

Sports drinks occupy supermarket shelves in almost every color and flavor imaginable. There are three types of sports drinks : isotonic, hypotonic and hypertonic.

Dietary drinks have appeared there 40 years. They are in the form of ready to drink liquid or powder to be diluted in water. To be effective, the drink should contain between 30 and 50 g of glucose per liter.

Sport drinks brands

From 24 power to V7 Energy. 24 links