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Syrups offer a very wide range of flavors: passion fruit, cactus, purple, pink grapefruit, citrus, caramel, even if the top 5 French sales remains: 1 grenadine (27%), 2 mint (16%), 3 lemon (12%), strawberry 4 (10%), fishing 5 (4%).

Definition of a flavored syrup

The name is reserved syrup concentrates and flavored products obtained by dissolving carbohydrate sweeteners in water.

Denominations syrup fruit, syrup fruit juices are reserved syrups containing at least 10% fruit juice, 7% for citrus juice.

Flavoured syrups are used for drinking and desserts. Flavorings and colorants are often added to the beverage syrup to match the intended taste and color of the original fruit.

They are made ​​from sugar and food component specific taste. Aromas and dyes are often added to the syrup for drinks match the taste and colour of the original fruit.

To be awarded the designation, the syrupy drink must obey the golden rule: be made ​​on the basis of fruit juices with added sugar. The syrup is consumed usually diluted in water.

The syrup market

To find the first trace syrups, we must go back to the Crusades in the Middle East. This is July 28, 1908, the term syrup appears for the first time in a statutory instrument.

Sector syrups in France produces more 180 million liters annually including for export. This production is the result of a dozen SMEs.

French consumption reached 96.9 million liters in volume.

The Top 5 French sales syrup remains: 1 grenadine (27%), 2 mint (16%), 3 lemon (12%), strawberry 4 (10%), fishing 5 (4%).

Found, among other things, syrup : Almond, Pineapple, Anis, Cranberries, Agave, yellow banana, green banana, Barbapapa, Bubble Gum, Coffee, Chestnut, Cinnamon Chai, Caramel, Cassis, Chestnut, Cherry, Cidrime, Lemonade , Lemon, Lime, Maple, Strawberry, Raspberry, Passion Fruit, Berries, Gentian, Grenadine, Cherry, Currant, Kiwi, Irish Cream, Lavender, Litchi, Mandarin, Mango, Margarita, Melon, Mint, Mint icy, Mirabelle, Mojito, Blackberry, Blueberry, Nectarine, Hazelnut, Coconut, Orange, Orange drink, Horchata, Grapefruit, Watermelon, Pinacolada, Peach, Apple, Green Apple, Prune, Licorice, Rose, Fir, Spéculos, Cane Pie Lemon, Peach tea, Green Tea, Tiramisu, Verbena, Violet ...

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