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Tea in Belgium

Belgian consumption of tea, about 140 grams per person in 2009, is well below the European average of 0.480 kg Belgian. Drinking green tea is 715 tonnes in 2010. The flagship brands of tea in Belgium Lipton, Twinings and Pickwick.

The tea market in Belgium

Owner of a large tea processing plant in Belgium, Unilever produces teas for Lipton brand. It exports 95% of its production, mainly to other European countries.

Unilever has introduced a wide sustainability policy and collaborates in this regard primarily with the Rainforest Alliance label. Headlights tea brands in Belgium Lipton, Twinings and Pickwick.

Lipton is the absolute market leader with a share in supermarkets by 26% in 2012. Each brand is represented equally in the three different product groups.

Herbal teas are by far the largest group of products in major supermarkets in Belgium, representing nearly two-thirds of the entire range of teas. Demand for durable teas is slightly higher than that of other durable products makers.

This is mainly due to the fact that consumers concerned about the sustainability of the products are also those who care about health issues.

Yet it has been shown that herbal teas are generally better health than black tea.

Belgian tea consumption

The very low Belgian consumption of tea, about 0.14 kg per person only in 2009, well below the EU average of 0.48 kg per person.

Consumption of green tea has risen to 715 tonnes in 2010 and registered a growth of 1.7% per year between 2006 and 20101.

Belgian tea brands

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