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Tea in China

China is the birthplace of tea and the largest producer shoulder to shoulder with India quantitatively, but qualitatively ahead. Over the past five years, Chinese tea grew by 10% on average, allowing China to maintain its status as the largest producer in the world.

The production of tea in China

More than drink tea in China is an institution. It thus plays a central role both in the daily life of Chinese in the country's agriculture.

Production of Chinese tea is 1.35 million tonnes distributed as follows: Green Tea: 75%, Oolong: 11% black teas: 5% Puerh: 3% Other 6%.

And it is estimated that there would be more than 11 000 km ² of tea plantations in China, almost twice the size of the Charente-Maritime.

These planting areas, are generally divided into four parts spread southeast China. Xinan, The HuaNan, The JiangNan, The JiangBei.

China produces the widest range of tea in the world, in the higher grades where we are several variations such as white tea, yellow tea, green tea, black tea or red tea (which differ by their oxidation and their fermentation).

Yunnan is the place where you is the biggest tea plantations in China, covering 387,000 hectares, producing 270,000 tons of tea per year. However, the province has only 20 tea companies that can generate annual at least 16 million dollars revenue.

The province has yet 118 tea companies with annual sales of at least $ 1.6 million. Local private companies and buyers from all countries rushing the doors of the renowned plantations.

China does not propose, as in India or Sri Lanka, special gardens, but AOC, tea type corresponding to local standards, shaping and taste. Producing regions receive an average rainfall, but regularly distributed over the year.

In addition, plantations mountainside bathed in morning mists, which participate in the development of the tea ... The main harvest takes place from mid-April to mid-May.

Tea cultivation is concentrated in the south and especially near the coast, the rest of the country is too cold or dry.

Chinese tea consumption

Chinese tea brands

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