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Tea in France

France is the thirtieth place in the world of tea consumption with 230 grams of tea per capita per year against 2.3 kg per capita per year in the UK. France has tripled its consumption of tea over the past 25 years.

The tea market in France

With 15 000 t net tea imports in 2012, France is the 50th-largest tea consuming countries. This tea market in France is subject to intense competition, which may contribute to its eclecticism and teas rare and exceptional found there.

Specialized networks of tea (the Palace of tea, Mariage Frères, Betjeman and Barton, Kumsi Tea etc ...) have been developed in recent years and represent approximately 20% of sales in France and displayed growth of 10% per year.

Tea and coffee are the products for which the trade deficit is the highest in 2010/2011. Imports come mainly from third countries and Germany.

French tea consumption

Teas in bags account for over 70% of the tea consumption in France. The largest consumers of tea are in the Ile de France and in the west of France.

Black is 2 times more than green tea consumed.

The French tea brands

From Betjeman & Barton to Pagès. 14 links