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Tea in India

India, the largest consumer of tea uses nearly 30 percent of global production. India is also the second largest producer of tea. India is also the largest exporter of tea after China.

The production of tea in India

Today, India has 39,700 tea estates (32,000 in the south and the north in 6700) and producer of tea workforce of more than two million people.

Indian tea comes from three areas main. In the north-east are the plains of Assam and Darjeeling steep heights. And in the south, are the Nilgiri range or Blue Mountains.

Gardens of Darjeeling, India, are stuck between Nepal, Bhutan and Tibet, and altitude produce teas with a unique flavor, enjoying the cool and the purity of the Himalayan air.

Tukvar Steinthal The first gardens and Aloobari were created by the English in 1856. The success of the first productions quickly allowed to plant other gardens Dooteriah, Ging, Ambootia, Tukdah, Phoobsering between 1859 and 1864 ... There are now nearly 100.

Teas Darjeeling, saw their prices are for export. . Sold under two forms, blend (mixture of different gardens) and AOC (name of the garden, grade, batch number ...) to the most advanced products.

There are three main crops : First Flush the spring of the Second Flush Summer and Autumn Flush Autunm . Gardens Darjeeling represent only 7% of the production of Indian tea, but also the finest and compete with the best Chinese black teas.

Their reputation is well deserved, besides the annual volume of tea sold worldwide under the name Darjeeling exceeds 40 000 tonnes, while production is around barely 9,000 tons!

There are certainly of many other tea producing countries, some important quantitatively (Kenya, Turkey, Sri Lanka, Indonesia ...) but without much interest in the tea lover.

Indian tea consumption

Today, India is one of the largest tea producers in the world, and over 70% of the tea produced is consumed in India itself.

Indian tea brands

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