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Tea in Italy

In Italy, the 2012 sales for the category tea and infusions, including herbal teas, has reached a total value of Euro 246 million. This positive trend continued in 2013, with value growth of 3.2% and the volume of 1, 9%.

The tea market in Italy

The main factor responsible for this growth is the increased focus by consumers to mental and physical well-being.

The tea sector in general (conventional tea, green, fruity, white) dominates the market, with a turnover of Euro 133 million. Teas and infusions are, in turn, the most dynamic element of market and their growth is stable from one year to another.

In Europe too the tea is grown: the Azores and ... Italy.

The first and only Italian tea plantation, started in the 80's, is at Sant'Andrea di Compito, a village in the province of Lucca, Tuscany.

Italian tea consumption

Italian brands of tea

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