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Tea in Kenya

Kenya, Malawi, Tanzania, Zimbabwe and South Africa produces about 32% of world exports amounting to some 424,000 tonnes. In Kenya, tea is ranked as the third largest foreign exchange earner after tourism and horticulture.

The tea market in Kenya

Kenya is the world but first among the ACP number three, with half of their production. His record harvest was in 2010, to 398 500 tonnes (314 100 tonnes in 2009, 345 600 tonnes in 2008).

World's leading exporter of black tea, he shipped a record volume of 441,000 tonnes in 2010 (343 000 tonnes in 2009 and 383,000 tonnes in 2008), which includes teas from all over East Africa and Madagascar negotiated at weekly auctions in Mombasa.

Tea was introduced in Kenya in 1903 by GWL Caine. However, the marketing of tea began in 1924 and since then the nation has become a major producer of black tea Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA) controls 62 tea factories serving more than 500,000 tea smallholders cultivating more than 100 000 hectares.

KTDA members produce over 60% of all tea grown in Kenya, the rest is produced by large producers. In most regions of tea cultivation work is manual.

However, tea plucking machines are currently used by multinationals. Tea is planted in an area of more than 157 720 hectares, with a production of about 345,817 tons of tea.

More than 325,533 tons are exported. More than 49 varieties are developed by the Tea Research Foundation of Kenya (TRFK). no chemicals are used. Tea is sold at public auction in Mombasa. In October 2011, the average price of tea at auction was $ 3.22 per kg.

Tea Kenya is controlled by various institutes and agencies. These are: the Ministry of Agriculture, Tea Board of Kenya, Kenya Tea Development Agency (KTDA), East African Tea Trade Association (EATTA), Tea Research Foundation of Kenya (TRFK).

Kenyan tea brands

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