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Tea in Spain

In Spain, the tea category continued to show outstanding performance in 2012. Sara Lee Southern Europe is the leader in tea in Spain, with 23% market share in 2012.

The tea market in Spain

Spaniards like to drink tea while they do not have a deep tradition or history attached to it, unlike China, India or any part of South Asia. You can find a wide variety of teas available on the Spanish market.

These days, in each cafeteria in Spain, it is common to identify tea bags placed right on your dining room table, but they are not of good quality.

In Spain, the tea category continued to show outstanding performance in 2012, attributed to the awareness of consumers regarding their health, thanks to the easy access of information and the particular role of the Internet in this regard.

The fact that tea is a product cheap is also a factor that benefits the class, with the economic crisis that leads consumers to focus on price when they shop and tea is an alternative to more expensive hot drinks such as coffee.

Sara Lee Southern Europe was once again the leader in tea in Spain, with a market share of 23% in 2012. This business success is due to the good performance of its brand Hornimans which is deeply rooted among Spanish consumers.

Although the company has seen its market share shrink in tea, with more consumers leaning towards cheaper alternatives such as private labels.

Spanish consumption of tea

Awareness of consumers regarding their health will persuade many of them to incorporate products with natural ingredients and healing properties to their diet.

This will draw more consumers to the category of teas, and allow the continued increase in the volume of consumption of products that benefit the body, such as green tea, and many products herbal or fruit.

Moreover, it is expected that stores specializing in tea will continue to grow. Which will encourage brands and labels to bet on this segment, and include more exotic products in their portfolio.

Spanish tea brands

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