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Tea in Switzerland

Switzerland, Migros is the leader of the tea market with 32% market share in 2012. Followed by Unilever Schweiz and Lipton brand with 22% share and Wander AG with the Twinings brand ranked third with 18%.

The tea market in Switzerland

Ethical consumption in Switzerland is a key area of interest in tea in 2012. The tea Swiss industry is deeply involved in social and environmental certification, and the importance of fair trade label can be demonstrated through the growing share of revenue it maintains in Switzerland.

Tea sales in Switzerland are relatively consolidated, shared between four leaders and a number of smaller niche players.

Genossenschaftsbund Migros is the undisputed leader, and represents 32% market share in 2012. The retailer is known for its popular range of MDD, which is available in its outlets across the country.

Unilever Schweiz GmbH follows with 22% share. The company is in the forefront with its popular brand Lipton.

Wander AG in third with 18% share, is the holder of the license Twinings Swiss.

Tea plantation in Switzerland

The first planting of Swiss green tea lies in the Isle of Brissago, in the heart of Lake Maggiore.

Peter Oppliger, a pharmacist Lucerne is passionate about tea. He has written several books about.

His latest idea ? Growing green tea in Ticino.

Pharmacist embarked on this new challenge with the director of the Botanical Park Island Brissago Guido Maspoli and gardener Mattia Boggia responsible plantations.

In Brissago, the plants were placed in terrace. "Given that the active ingredients of the sheet will change according to the sun, we placed on different floors », says Peter Oppliger.

Some are in the shade, others in full sun.

Swiss tea brands

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