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Tea in Thailand

Thailand is not among the top 10 producers of tea worldwide, but it is nevertheless an important source of tea. That Thailand has not quantity, is the quality. Thailand produces green and oolong teas, some of these teas are among the most expensive and most sought after teas.

The history of tea in Thailand

Tea production in the high mountains of Thailand was founded in the 1980's by Chinese immigrants. These are small independent producers in the northern mountains of Thailand who grow organic oolong with antioxidant and slimming properties.

The Oolong teas organic Thailand are therefore unfortunately not easily due to their small productions. Oolong Tea organic Royal Project of Thailand is practically found in Europe as the Wawee and Chaboom.

These teas n have nothing to envy to those of China. Teas Oolong Thailand compete with the best oolong China and Taiwan both their taste and style.

Formerly, Mae Salong was the center of the traffic of the opium, led by Chinese refugees from the 93rd regiment of the Kuomintang. To clear this image stronghold of drugs, Mae Salong was officially renamed Santikhiri "hill of peace."

Cultures of substitutes poppy were introduced by the Thai government (tea, corn, fruit trees, coffee). Government efforts bear fruit, judging by the extent of the tea plantations.

Thai tea consumption

Thai tea brands

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