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Mineral water in Algeria

The market for bottled water in Algeria is growing steadily. The Algeria annually produces 1.5 billion liters of mineral water. Five brands share 70% market share. It is registered: IFRI, Saida, Lalla Khedidja, Guedila and Nestlé.

Algerian market of mineral water

In Algeria, more than 40 brands of mineral water are sold in the domestic market, including IFRI, Sidi El-Kebir, El-Goléa, Toudja, Misserghine Sidi Yacoub...

Algeria covers 98% of its needs in soft drinks , juices and water.

IFRI, founded in 1986, is the leading player in the Algerian water market and represents 30% of market share in 2012.

Its mineral water is number one on the market. IFRI posted an average annual growth of over 10% during the last decade.

Algerian consumption of mineral water

57.4 liters are consumed annually in soft drinks, juices and mineral water by the Algerians.

Algerian brands of mineral water

From Ifri to Lalla Khedidja. 5 links