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Mineral water in Austria

Austria, Germany and Switzerland, per capita consumption reached 120 liters per year.

The favorite thirst quencher in Austria is tap water. Every day, 6.6 million liters of tap water are consumed according to a study by market researchers GfK Austria.

The Austrian mineral water market

Because of its low calorie and the general perception that water is the most natural and therefore healthier drinks , bottled water grew by 5 % in value and 3% in volume.

The national society Vöslauer Mineralwasser AG leads the industry of bottled water in 2012 with a volume share of 37% off trade. The company enjoys significant popularity because of its water from an internal source as well as a wide range of promotional activities targeting health-conscious consumers.

In 2012, one of the main innovations of the company was water for babies and toddlers. The company is also very active on parrainage.

Austria is a very water-rich country. The groundwater reserves are more than adequate for the future. Mineral deposits caused by the following: water which contains no precipitation of mineral salts in the soil and is enriched with minerals soluble in water and often with carbon dioxide .

Austrian consumption of mineral water

The quality of the Austrian water is one of the best in the world: 142 countries assessed, the famous universities of Yale and Columbia ranked Austria in fifth place, behind Finland, Canada, New Zealand and Britain, for the quality of its waters.

In this area, Austria therefore occupies the third place in Europe. The Austrian population is supplied with spring water and groundwater up to 99%.

Austrian brands of mineral water

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