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Mineral water in China

Chinese consume an average of liters of mineral water per year.The brands of mineral water the most famous in China : Nongfuspring, Wahaha, Nestlé, Robust, Laoshan, Coca Cola, Danone and C'est Bon.

The market for bottled water in China

There are approximately 500 companies manufacturing bottled water in China. Most are small or medium sized.

The four companies represent 50% of sales of Chinese industry of bottled water in 2013. Nongfu Spring Co. Ltd., with 20% market share in value in 2012, Hangzhou Wahaha Group (15%) and Tingyi Master Kong (15%).

Evian and Perrier control 50% of the market premium mineral water in China. These French brands that enjoy a good reputation are competed since 2005 by the Tibetan waters.

Brands of mineral water the most famous in China : Nongfuspring, Wahaha, Nestlé, Robust, Laoshan, Coca Cola, Danone and C'est Bon.

Evian, the flagship brand of mineral water in the food group Danone French is the leading brand in the Chinese market.

Nestlé Waters already produced two brands of plain water in China : Nestlé Pure Life and Nestlé Deep Spring.

Perrier, the carbonated water Nestle is the leader in the Chinese market of soda water with sales rising steadily since 1996, the introduction of the brand in China.

The market for carbonated water in China is a new market. Sales of carbonated water bottles represent only 1% of sales of bottled water. Chinese consumers are not yet accustomed to consume carbonated water.

Tibetan waters

The first Tibetan water being sold is the 5100 Tibet spring water , Mineral Water Resources Group Holding, which above statement on its medical virtues.

With a price 5 times higher than the average price of Chinese mineral water, the target market for

Tibet 5100 is the high-end mineral water, 50% owned by Evian and Perrier.

The other most famous in China Tibetan waters are the Kunlun Mountains Natural Mineral Water, the Hong Kong group JDB. She comes from a source based near Mount Kunlun.

Also found 9000 Years Dagu Glacier Spring Water, produced by Guangzhou Xinchen Water Co.

The bottled water market in Hong Kong

The bottled water market in Hong Kong is around hundreds of millions of bottles each year. The bottled water is particularly dear to Hong Kong. In fact, it costs nearly a thousand times the price of tap water.

However, unlike the rest of China, tap water is drinkable.

Among the groups that share the Hong Kong market for bottled water are :

Swire Coca Cola Brand which alone has almost a third of the market.

Then the Evian brand Danone, which represents a quarter of the market.

Finally Volvic and Badoit and Watson group have 11.8% share the market.

Nestlé group, which only holds 2.4% of the market in Hong Kong, operates with brands like PolarSpring, Arrowhead, Nestle Pure Life.

Chinese mineral water consumption

The Chinese prefer to drink warm water. This is the traditional way to drink water considered better for health. However, with the development of the economy and westernizations of society, the Chinese, especially the young, consume more fresh water in summer.

For the majority of Chinese consumers, compared to water tap, bottled water is expensive, but still affordable for consumers, more and more attention to issues of food safety and health, are willing to accept this expense.

Chinese brands of mineral water

From C'est Bon to Wahaha. 10 links